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Safe4r is reimagining what it means to feel safe – for you, your loved ones, and for everyone around you. Personal safety whether for a life threatening, sudden, medial emergency or from an encounter with a criminal situation, is no longer just for a select few. It is for all of us.

Our patent pending mixed reality technologies allow your home buying prospects to experience you and your property in a way they never have been able to before. We are excited to offer our two incredible products for your real estate business. Our “Stand In” product will amaze you and your buying prospects and our Storbeey “Immersive Tours” product takes virtual home showing to a completely new level.

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Gizmoh Legacy is an incredibly intuitive platform that uses artificial intelligence to create a truly interactive legacy. You create your own stories and memories in such a way that anybody who interacts with your legacy can ask questions in real time and be given an answer based on the content of the legacy you created.

GIZMOH is the world’s first reciprocity media organization where subscribers are encouraged to contribute and participate in content for which they are rewarded. GIZMOH NEWS and GIZMOH TV reward its subscribers each time they contribute and post content. Subscribers get paid each time they view content.

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This is a travel site that is committed to bringing you the best prices for the most popular travel considerations. We are unique in our offering because unlike the other travel sites we are not trying to get you pay a little extra for each trip you book. In fact, we don’t even force you to book on our site.

GIZMOH is the free Social App that lets you engage with your friends and family and create Your World One Capture at a Time. GIZMOH provides innovative masks and filters to create imaginative video and photo posts and encourages you to express yourself.

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It is said that the helper also needs help. Let us help you. We are a company of people that just want to help you succeed. Help you lighten your load a little so that you can show up your best self for others. Whether it’s professional or personal.

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